Web 3.0 Dubai – Barry Lee Cummings on The Business Breakfast


October 22, 2012

Barry Lee Cummings talks Web 3.0 with Brandy and Malcolm on The Business Breakfast on Dubai Eye

This morning I was with the guys at the Business Breakfast to talk about the onset of Web 3.0 and to highlight just how far behind the UAE really is when it comes to online or digital marketing strategy and it’s implementation.

We only had about 10 minutes in the end due to an issue with a live piece they were doing for the Energy Show that’s in town. But below is the link to have a listen.

Have a listen to the recording by clicking this hyperlink

Have a listen, it’s brief but insightful for those on the ground here in the UAE.

We only really got to talk about how we are shifting from where we are now. Which on the ground in the UAE is really between Web 1.0 and 2.0 and how 3.0 is happening in the developed on line markets – Last year for the first time, the number of smartphones sold exceeded the number of PC’s sold. This is significant in the online arena because it shows how people are going to access the internet moving forwards. This shift into 3.0 will see you becoming your content. There won’t be such a reliance on social interaction as there is in 2.0, which is all about connecting people. 3.0 is the connection of knowledge as the semantic web. The next generation will be 4.0 the Ubiquitous web which will be the connection of intelligence.

Many think that 4.0 is a long way off, but we are actually a lot closer than you think. The advent of things like Google Glass shows that 3.0 is here and ready to roll. It will take some time to gain traction but the early adopters are already using this technology. Diane Von Furstenburg, an eminent fashion designer recorded a whole fashion show, pre and post show footage as well, all on Google Glass. And this was back in September – 800,000+ views so far, not extraordinary, but this shows how few are ready to embrace this moving forwards.


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