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April 20, 2012

Social Media Marketing (SMM)| Social Media Optimisation (SMO) | Community Management (CM)

As you will have read in the ‘Why People Fail Online’ Whitepaper (If you haven’t then go to and when the popover appears, download it!!!) many people incorrectly say that Facebook is Social Media – some go so far as thinking Facebook and only Facebook equates to online marketing. Facebook can for some businesses and individuals be a very important part of their online marketing strategy. Let’s face it, with (at the time of writing) around 800,000,000 users, there is a high probability that a percentage of those people are your target market. We refer to the online marketing jigsaw at MNG, and Facebook forms a small part of the SMM/SMO/CM part of the puzzle, it ISN’T it’s own piece – so for all those companies out there that tell us they are ‘doing online marketing’ or ‘have social media covered’ usually they don’t at all.

For many companies now, it is almost impossible to ignore social media. For most, this is now where their market hangs out, whether that be Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, RenRen,, Kaixin001, Orkut, Pinterest or any of the thousands of social media communities that are springing up every day. However, you need to think about which ones you ‘need’ to be present on – which markets are you targeting? What is the demographic you are targeting within that market as this will determine where they hang out?

Click on the mind map image below for a clearer idea of what we are talking about here.

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