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April 24, 2012

Joint Ventures and Affiliate Marketing

This particular element of the jigsaw is something that should be considered from the beginning – as always, start with the end in mind. When it comes to implementation there are two schools of thought on this. Both from the JV and the affiliate marketing perspective. So let’s break it down.

Joint Ventures can be exceptionally useful when you are starting out because you could leverage someone’s existing list to get your specific product/company off to a flying start for a mutually beneficial split. Alternatively, you could look at building your own list using an optimised online presence and then you can become the joint venture partner that new company’s come to to launch their new companies. Either way Joint Ventures are a great way to leverage or be leveraged and the beauty of it is that there are joint venture opportunities everywhere. If you are serious about Joint Venture, either building them or identifying them or even becoming a Joint Venture broker, you need to check out my friend Sohail Khan – he is considered one of the top JV brokers in the world so can help you with all things JV.

Affiliate marketing is something very close to my heart because it is the element of online marketing I focused on when I started in the online marketing industry. I still build online businesses that are 100% online although admittedly they don’t target the Middle Eastern market. This decision is based on learning the hard way and listening to the feedback from my suppliers. In essence though, affiliate marketing is the art of researching a market, finding a product that market needs and then building the system in the middle to put the two together. In some cases that system doesn’t have to be a website. Which is why many people get involved in affiliate marketing. There is a very low barrier of entry and if you already have a list of any kind, you can start affiliate marketing right away using just email. There are a number of affiliate networks out there; (locally based in Dubai)

These are a couple of the more well established, well known ones, but I have found some of the most effective ones to be private networks which you can usually find by just typing in ‘product name’ + affiliate program into Google.
I would also highly recommend reading the Super Affiliate Handbook for anyone that wants to learn more about affiliate marketing and implementing it. Rosalind Gardner is a fantastic lady whose information on affiliate marketing is awesome. Taught me a lot of what I know today!! Check her out at

Both JV’s and Affiliate marketing can form an integral part of your online marketing strategy because they can become additional streams of income that compliment your core offering, or in some cases can spawn another branch of your business. The beauty of both forms of marketing is that it conforms to that old cliche of win-win!

Give me a call or drop me an email if you’d like to discuss this element of the jigsaw further – 0507198467 or

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