Join the Online Marketing Revolution or fade away


June 25, 2012

Join the Online Marketing Revolution or Fade Away

It’s funny because this is something that we have been talking about for about 3 years now. The online revolution has been going on for quite some time now, but the Middle East has been very slow to pick this up. It’s interesting to see now the media is now taking up ‘web site page space’ with articles like this. Join the Online Marketing Revolution or Fade Away

About time we say. Many companies have been missing a trick for the last couple of years. Anyone that has been investigating online marketing strategy and actually implementing a strategy rather than just jumping from buzz word to buzz word, has put themselves well ahead of the field. However, there seems to be quite a reluctance of companies to really embrace the online arena for the betterment of their businesses. Now there are a couple of reasons for this in the Middle East that we have observed. For suppliers there are many obstacles in the way that deter, especially SME’s, away from adopting the 100% online model. Secondly, there is a huge lack of infrastructure to support the online model, specifically for those organisations that deal in physical goods rather than downloadable apps or information. We also have to take into consideration the way business is done here in the Middle East, it’s tribal, there is still a real need for human connection, relationships to be nurtured and trust to be gained. In many people’s eyes, this can only be done face to face. In part we agree, it’s a clichè for sure, but people buy people, not companies. For many companies though, the online arena is one they are afraid to explore and pioneer. There is still very much a requirement for companies to see ‘who’s done it before’, where is the proof that this will work for us? Who are your case studies? This region is in our opinion, 4 or 5 years behind the developed markets. It won’t take that long to catch up by why not be one of the companies pioneering the way in the Middle East with an optimised online marketing strategy that basically has you cleaning up your market place and has your competition wondering what on earth happened? You might laugh at this, but a properly planned out online marketing strategy that evaluates where you are, where you want to be and puts the necessary steps in place could just save your company.

You just can’t ignore the proof, this infographic shows you why. Your market is moving online, in fact in some cases they moved there a while ago and couldn’t find you. Sort your online marketing strategy out today – drop us a line –




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