Content Curation – the future of your online authourity


June 10, 2012

Content Curation – great way to establish authourity using other peoples content!

Content Curation is something that more and more of you may be hearing about, especially if you as an individual or a company are using online marketing as a strategical approach to increase the amount of business your company does. As the search engines get wiser and the ‘loopholes’ are closed, the opportunities are spotted and amended, the gamers and scammers are shut down, the one thing that remains constant is that what the likes of Google wants to provide to the user is timely, relevant, fresh information. Great you might say, that sounds easy enough, I’m an expert in my field and I have information in my head that will blow peoples minds once it’s out there. BUT I just don’t have time to get it out of my head and into a format that can then be digested by the masses. The usual outcome is ‘I’ll get round to it later’ As we all know, later means never in 95% of cases.

So we know that we need content for our clients, prospects, followers or readers, but we don’t have the time to spend creating all this content, after all, for SME’s especially, we’ve also got that small task on our plate of ‘running the company’! So do you outsource it to someone to do your marketing communication strategy? You could for sure, and in some cases, a company to actually take control and manage something like your social media marketing campaign is a great idea. In fact it is the default action of many, when the ‘I don’t have the time to do this’ sentence is uttered for the umpteenth time that day.

Content Curation on the other hand could be the answer for you. In it’s simplest form, you turn your site into a curation site by collecting other people’s opinions and content and offering your opinion on the same subject. You are correctly referencing the original authour, you are creating back links to credible sources and you are also creating valuable content for your followers. This is true even if you are just collecting useful resources in one place so it’s easier for your readers to find stuff. A great example of this is a curated post from the guys at Mashable – they are an awesome source of information, they curate and collate from all over the interweb. A perfect example being this article released today (10th June 2012)

55 Digital Media Resources you may have Missed

Fantastic post from Mashable that’ brings 55 resources into one place – easily reference-able and providing massive value to their loyal following. It’s the kind of article that is curated content and makes a great example to refer to for someone that is trying to demonstrate what curated content is!! Thanks Mashable, great stuff as always.

I have a strange feeling that this is a curated post, no?

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