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May 19, 2013

Your content creation strategy is an integral part of your digital strategy – pay it a lot of attention!!

This post was inspired by an article I read the other day on Business News Daily.

Digital is moving at a fast pace and here in the UAE, we seem to be falling even further behind, rather than catching up on the whole. The web has changed and continues to change on a daily basis with the continual release of Google’s wild animals, but one thing that remains constant is how Regular, Relevant Content will help you become and remain visible to your ideal customers.

As with many things in life though, even though we know better, we don’t do what is necessary to get the result we want. Want to lose weight, stop eating burgers everyday, want to progress in your career, invest in your education, want to rank well online for your target keywords, sort your digital strategy out. Simple really, but easier said than done right?

As per the stats in BNW article, not enough people are thinking strategically about the content they are putting out there. And yet I can confidently say that just about all company’s are creating content, whether online; blog posts, articles, Facebook posts, tweets, online press releases, or offline; company brochures, roll ups, exhibition stands, flyers, business cards etc. What this means is that there is a lot of content hitting the market with no real purpose behind it. And we once again arrive at that situation we hear so often – “I don’t have time to think about strategy, because I am so busy.” The irony is, they are usually too busy creating content that has no purpose or value to the company!

The saying goes that online, Content is King, some disagree, but I agree. I firmly believe that if you provide regular relevant content to your perfect customer (review your Analytics to help you identify them) you will by definition get closer to achieving your online goals and objectives, whatever they may be. Every company wants more customers and more top line revenue, that’s a given. But what do you want to do online that will get you closer to that? (I’m talking to B2B and B2C here as I believe their underlying structure is the same, but that’s something for another blog post!)

We take our customers through a three step process to build their overalldigital strategy,that is similar to that highlighted in the BNW post. Think about;

– who your target market is

– what topics of content do they want

– what channel do they want to receive it on

– how often do they want to receive it

Check out what the experts over at SEOmoz say regarding content marketing strategy. These guys really know their stuff when it comes to SEO content and are a revered site online for, surprisingly enough, SEO and content – Why you should care about content marketing.

Drop us a line to discuss your content creation strategy – how to set one up and more importantly how to stick to it! – email us at Content Creation Strategy

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