SEO Expert Dubai

It’s always interesting to see the other SEO companies ranking for the term SEO expert in Dubai. None of them seem to have a face. It’s almost as if they are just producing a page to rank highly in the algorithm to try and show you that they know what they are doing!! 🙂

That may well be true but something that has happened over the last 8 years in the digital space is that you realise that whilst it is, on the most part, more convenient, faster, more efficient, more accessible, simpler and most of the time less hassle to find what you want online (Not always the case here in the UAE). Sometimes you just want to speak to someone. Preferably someone that knows more than a little bit about the subject matter you are researching.

So here at MNG what do you get? Well, you get me!

Barry Lee Cummings

SEO expert Barry Lee Cummings based in Dubai

Nice picture isn’t it? I like it but my wife hates it for some reason!!

Anyway, when you work with us, you get direct access to me. I’ll be the one that meets with you and discusses your requirement, I’m the one that will share my years of experience in the SEO field with you and your organisation. It will be my number you get to call and my email address to send messages to when you have questions and it will be me answering whenever I can. Why is this important, well, we are a small boutique agency looking to help other small and medium size companies get the best out of this specific area of digital marketing. Am I the only SEO expert in Dubai, absolutely not. Do I know everything about SEO, no I don’t, and by the way anyone that tells you they do is lying!

But I will make sure that our team gets your company rankings on Google continually going up. I will do whatever needs to happen to make sure that month on month your website pages and content are on an upward curve in the Google rankings so that more and more relevant traffic can find the great content you are creating and give them the chance to sample your products or services and have you fix whatever problem it is that you fix. After all that’s why we go online. We are looking for answers to questions and fixes for problems. If your SEO is being done well, more people can find you when they really need you – and that, by the way, is the secret to online success. Just be visible to your customers at the exact time they are looking for you.


If you would like to have a chat with this Dubai based SEO expert then head to the contact us page, drop us a line and I’ll be in touch very soon! Can’t wait to speak with you.