Search Engine Optimization

Want to rank for terms like SEO Dubai but in your niche? You Should!

It is virtually impossible for you to succeed in online marketing without search engine optimization. The reason is that well over 80 per cent of all the traffic that websites receive come in via leading search engines like Google. You cannot win your share of this huge percentage of your potential traffic without understanding and using search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves making your website more visible to leading search engines like Google and Yahoo amongst others. There are two main ways a page can be made more visible to search engines or optimized. There is on page optimization and off page optimization. When you have an understanding of both then it will be easy for you to make decisions every day that enhance your site’s visibility and thus win you more traffic from search engines.

On page Search engine optimization

As the term suggests this is the optimization that you do within your website and within a particular web page. It starts with keyword research. Find out which are the most popular words and terms that people use when they are searching for the information that you have on the page. Make this keyword prominent in the heading on the page and early in the article. It is also a good idea to use it a few times within the body and also try to ensure that it is in the last sentence of the article. If you can find a good excuse to make the phrase bold that also helps tremendously in on page search engine optimization. The targeted keyword phrase can also be used in tags and subheadings on the page.

Be careful not to overuse your keyword phrase on the page or you can easily get penalized. Your keyword density always should be between 2 and 3 per cent. That means that you will probably want to use it twice for every 100 words or so.

Once you have this knowledge it means that even if you do not hire a SEO services company, you will be able to optimize every new article or piece of information that you post on your site which will inevitably lead to lots of valuable targeted traffic from search engines.

Off page Search Engine Optimization

This is the optimization that focuses on the attention your web page is getting from other sites and it is the most critical area in deciding your search engine rankings. The reasoning here is that your web page is ranked and judged depending on how many other quality sites have linked to it. The more high quality back links pointing to your page the higher it will be ranked and the more traffic it will end up receiving from search engines.
Links from social networking sites are also valuable and will count towards your ranking by leading search engines like Google.

You have to be very careful here that you do not purchase the links pointing to your page or use any other methods that search engines like Google will frown upon. The idea here is that the content should be good enough to attract attention and links from other sites without you having to force it down the throats of others (and asking them to link to your page in return for a cash bribe of sorts). There is nothing wrong with doing articles and then posting them in leading article directories and linking back to your webpage though.

Search engine optimization is an integral part of the online marketing jigsaw because it will make a huge difference in your website’s visibility at the end of the day. However, it’s important to realise that whilst an important piece of the jigsaw, you also need to have some other pieces in place before SEO can be truly effective.

 SEO Dubai Services

Many organisations are secretive about their SEO services and how much it will cost. Here at MNG we believe in being totally transparent. We want to dispel many of the myths behind SEO. We also don’t want to have people not start engaging in this all important activity for your digital presence based on cost. So we keep it simple. We have one offering.

25 keywords – 2500AED per month* – minimum contract of 12 months 

*this fee is subject to change if your business is a hyper competitive niche like; real estate, recruitment or coupon offers

That’s it!

SEO is constantly changing and our job is to stay ahead of the curve for you. Whilst ever changing, it still forms an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. It allows you to future proof your presence in your niche and dominate the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) when executed competently. It’s a longer term strategy sure, but one that adds massive value to your digital presence. So no, we don’t use;

  • Black Hat techniques
  • old SEO strategies that no longer work. We understand the balance between link building, social signals and content marketing
  • strategies that will get you black listed or de-indexed
  • automated link building strategies. We are 100% organic!

If you are a business that understands the value a well executed SEO campaign brings to your bottom line, CONTACT US or drop us a line at and we’ll come right back to you.