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May 1, 2012

If I'm paying, I want it and I want it now - consumer expectation in Dubai's luxurious venues

What is SEO Dubai Style then? How can SEO have a city style you might ask?

Well, for those that live in this amazing city, I think many will be familiar with the fact that this city is synonymous with the glitzy lifestyle. You only have to look around you to see many examples of opulence and luxury. It’s both awe inspiring and cautionary as we are all well aware of the effects of the last couple of years on this place. One of the things that I have noticed recently is that the talk surrounding ‘the recession’ has reduced. My personal feeling on this, is that finally people are realising that there is no recession. There is just ‘NOW’. This is how it is, this is the new economy if you like, this is the business environment we will all be operating in for the foreseeable future. This assumes that you take the necessary steps online to ensure that your business is still around next year! Whether we like or not, the future is online and if you aren’t there. Then you are nowhere.

At Maximum Net Gain we are all about the bigger picture, we help businesses to see that there are a few more pieces to the puzzle than they first thought. There are integral pieces that many companies are bypassing, jumping straight to the buzz words like; social media, Facebook, YouTube, SEO, PPC, video marketing – giving them a go and wondering why they don’t see the results they imagined. This phenomenon is not peculiar to just Dubai, this is happening the world over which is why you see a slew of ‘local online marketers’ popping up all over the world in small towns and cities, literally across continents helping everyone who is jumping on industry buzz words and phrases and not seeing results.

What is perhaps more noticeable here in Dubai, is the impatience! In this wonderful city, patience is noticeable by her complete absence. Think about your trip to work this morning. Was there a point on that commute where someone cut you up? Perhaps drove right past you patiently queuing and pulled in right at the front? (This happened to me this morning on the way to a meeting – so infuriating!!) Or perhaps someone barged passed you on Metro, didn’t hold a door open, took too long getting you your coffee? Or maybe your 3G connection dropped out and you couldn’t get on your Facebook to check who had done what to whom. Patience is noticeable by her absence and this Dubai trait has most definitely leaked into the online marketing world. I want results, I want them guaranteed and I want them now!! Yeh right!

SEO is a cumulative process. It is one that is heavily loaded at the front end with arduous, time consuming work. It’s work that cannot be bypassed, it cannot be short cut, it just has to happen. You then have to also consider that many of the search engines look at how organically your links are building when it checks your site. If you set up a website today and tomorrow you have 100,000 links to it, they know something is slightly off with that picture. SEO is like a space rocket – all the effort is done at take off, millions of gallons of fuel are burnt to produce massive amounts of force to get that rocket off the ground and heading to space. Once it’s up there, the engines drop off and the rocket floats effortlessly on it’s course. SEO takes time. Sometimes not a lot – depending on your niche and the levels of competition for the keywords you want to rank for ( you can start to see improvements within 24 hours in some cases) But for many markets and niches, let’s give patience a chance – let’s see if we can entice her to come back into our busy hectic lives here in Dubai. Who knows, perhaps by letting her into our online marketing strategy, we might let her back into our lives in other areas to?

Don’t just take our word for it though. Have a read of this from an SEO theorist. Very informative and puts it all in perspective we think. Thanks Michael

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How Long Does SEO Take to Kick In? – I love this one for several reasons. First, it almost always in my experience boils down to, “How long until I see improvement in my rankings –> traffic?” The truth is that you can see

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