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May 24, 2012

Nowadays, every business has to consider it’s online and offline marketing. The shift to the online of our markets means it’s even more business critical to create a targeted online marketing strategy. The United Arab Emirates is home to a large number of small and medium businesses. They are actually responsible for the growth being seen in the market but many of them are still very much behind the curve when it comes to their online marketing strategy. This is because unfortunately, most companies are taking the Shotgun approach to online marketing rather than the more calculated Sniper approach. In some cases the blast radius is far reaching, but there is little direction in the messaging that is being put out to market. Many companies in the UAE jump on the bandwagon of industry buzzwords, Facebook is a great example, and attempt to implement this small part of Social Media Marketing with no clear idea of why or how.

A great online marketing strategy is capable of doing wonders for a company. Having an end goal in mind and the designated steps to get there works in all elements of business, not just the online marketing strategy, but why do so many companies in the UAE refuse to invest in their future? It’s a question we are yet to find the answer to.

The power of online marketing is widely discussed, but rarely implemented correctly. The development requirement for online marketing strategy in the United Arab Emirates is massive and it is acknowledged that for companies based in the region, they have some catching up to do, when it comes to planning and strategy. What’s more is that companies here need to have someone either on board or available to them to help them when changes happen. The beauty of the internet in my opinion is that it constantly changes, things happen that in reality are all designed to make it  a better place to do business. The most recent changes came in the form of some Google Animals – Panda and Penguin to be precise. But as with many of the algorithm changes these days, they are cleaning up the internet, getting rid of the spammy sites and looking to reward those businesses that go about optimising themselves organically and professionally. To put it in it’s simplest form, if you are providing relevant fresh content that your market finds valuable, you are going to be fine. This infographic shows how things have been evolving with Google since 1998 and it shows how things have moved along and are an indication of how things will move going forwards.

As you can see, Google is in a constant state of flux really and changes are going to be an inevitable part of progress. I know it’s labouring the point, but if you look at all the changes to date, and I bet in the future, the underlying focus is on fresh relevant content for your markets. If you abide by this as the foundation of your online presence, then you and the search engines are going to get along just fine.

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