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April 17, 2012

Online Infrastructure

When we talk about the online world, many people incorrectly assume that by having a website, they have a) an online presence and b) some sort of online infrastructure. The reality is that your website forms only a part of both! Much like a building, without strong infrastructure it’s quite likely to come down around you. Take the Burj Khalifa, what we see above the ground is quite magnificent, but without the intricate deep underground infrastructure holding it all up, it would fall.

This analogy really brings home how important you infrastructure is in terms of its ability to hold your entire web based business up. Or be able to get the most out of whatever online campaign you are undertaking. So many times we here people refer to their website (singular), this is the first indication that someone isn’t familiar with what is required. When you talk about your infrastructure younshould always be referring to websites (plural). Your infrastructure includes amongst others; your money site, your hosting, supporting websites, social media channels, SEO profiles, your avatar, your purpose, your web design, your email marketing software, heat map and F-pattern solutions, your auto responder sequence and you analytics.

As aforementioned, your website is an integral part of the infrastructure and as such it needs to be created in such a manner that makes it exceptionally user friendly, incorporates balance, rhythm, unity, emphasis and flow. At the end of the day your core website is going to sit at the centre of your online wheel as its hub. Each and every other piece of your infrastructure should be a traffic driving spoke to that hub with the same end result in mind.

To keep this post short and sweet. We won’t go into too much more detail on this particular piece of the jigsaw because you will lose interest as there is so much to consider – its an area that requires a lot of focused attention and a guiding hand in many cases. It’s also important to remember that whilst each part of each piece of the jigsaw needs to be considered. You may well already have some of the pieces in place and some of the others might not necessarily be relevant to your particular industry. This brings us nicely back to the over arching strategy element we explored first to give us the direction and ability to understand what is a priority and what can wait until phase 2 or 3.


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