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April 23, 2012

MultiMedia Marketing

This piece of the jigsaw was re-named, which is really an indication of how quickly things really do change online. Having said this, I will just reiterate something that was said earlier. Whilst things do change quickly online. There are some fundamentals that done well from the beginning will stand you in good stead whatever happens. It will also allow you to adapt and change quicker as and when you might need to.

Multimedia marketing is an integral part of the jigsaw when it comes to increasing your Virtual Real Estate. In effect, you are increasing the amount of content that is on the internet that Google can organise in a manner that shows them how relevant you are for your particular target market or niche. The way to do this, is to create content in a variety of different formats. Not just for the search engines, but for the human beings that are using them. At the end of the day we all consume information in different ways. Multi Media marketing is about tailoring your content online so that you don’t exclude anyone. What we mean by this, is that as humans, we all learn using different combinations of those senses. Some people learn by hearing (auditory), some learn by seeing (visual) some learn by touching (kinesthetic), so your content needs to be available in these various formats and discoverable through the ‘favourite’ means your market uses. This means that for those that use YouTube (the 2nd largest search engine out there) you need to have video content that is searchable on YouTube and on your own site. For those that want downloadable Podcasts, you have to be present in iTunes, or one of the other platforms where your market goes to get it’s fix of podcasts.

The mindmap below expands further on the idea of multimedia marketing and focuses on those areas that will have you see the most ROI in terms of either the money spent creating, or the time spent creating. I would suggest that when it comes to video or audio content, outsourcing this to people that know what they are doing, when it comes to the editing and so forth is always a good idea. Yes you will pay, but they’ll do a better job than you and in less than half the time, of that I am sure. Based on my own experience of doing exactly this!!!

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