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April 26, 2012

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is a very interesting piece of the puzzle because when you look at it – the opportunity for this piece alone dwarfs the online potential, purely based on the number of mobile phone users there are out there. Take the below info-graphic for example from Mashable – it is amazing to see the potential for mobile marketing in the emerging markets. Mobile phone penetration is crazy! To add further weight to this, the Chinese market is obviously vast, Google and it’s Android platform realised this and have been targeting the mobile market in China for some time now. They kick iOS’s butt in that market with a 70% market share. This isn’t an accident – which country do you think has had the largest GDP increase in the world over the last 10 years??

Online Marketing Strategy - Mobile Marketing

It’s included in the jigsaw because the reality is that your market is moving online and they are accessing the online via their mobile devices – this means a couple of things. First of all, you have to make sure that your virtual real estate, all of it, is mobile device friendly. There is nothing worse for your brand/company than accessing your website from something like an iPad and seeing that it hasn’t been optimised for this device. Creates a negative impression straight away. Secondly, you need to be aware of this amazing access you have to your market. Done correctly you have access to your target market tens if not hundreds of times a day. Just look around you in a public place, whether it be a train, bus, restaurant or shopping centre. How many people are head down engrossed in the latest App or game on their mobile device? Probably worth checking out how to get your message in front of those interested people right?

We firmly believe that mobile marketing is the way forwards and again, I am not referring to SMS marketing here, which I am firmly against as it happens. This is old fashioned interrupt marketing that actually is detrimental to your brand. I know a lot of people, specifically here in Dubai, where you are spammed by Etisalat as well as other retail brands at 3am, who go out of their way to avoid those brands completely purely based on the interruption of their day from the unsolicited SMS. Do you want that to happen to your brand? N0!!! of course not.

When we refer to mobile marketing we are referring to optimising your web presence for mobile consumption as well as planning and implementing web based marketing campaigns, App creation, in app mobile marketing, QR codes and location based services.

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