Jason Pollock inspires kids at Schenectady High School


August 4, 2013

Learn Computer Science at School Kids – It’s your Future

We get notifications from Mashable every day, the quality of some of the ‘lead’ stories can be somewhat dubios, but today a video came to my attention that made me click through and watch all 16 minutes. Admittedly, the speaker, Jason Pollock doesn’t start speaking until 5.30 in the video, but what the super intendent has to say pre frames Jason’s speech perfectly. We believe the undroppable program that he’s undertaking is a great initiative and how Jason then relates this to the graduates of high school in Schenectady is brilliant. It echoes the sentiments of the almighty Google’s reason for being. RELEVANCY.

Jason inspires the kids and those watching to be fair, by relating something relevant to them to get his message across. Great initiative and there is no doubt they will go on to more and more success.

The Digital arena is where ‘we’ as a race are spending more and more time, and yet it’s still easier to go to University and study The Simpsons, than it is to go and study Digital Marketing or Digital Marketing Strategy. Here in the Middle East, we face a huge issue with resources. There is a huge lack of ‘good’ resources when it comes to your digital presence. There are plenty of cowboys, and plenty of people that say they understand the digital market place, but the reality is that there are few and far between. This makes it very hard for companies, specifically small and medium businesses, to get the right kind of help from the very outset. Every single company that is registering with the likes of VirtuZone or Creative Zone, DMCC, Media City or any of the free zones, should be consulting a digital marketing strategist as part of that company registration process, so that they can get the right foundation in place and ensure that they will be coming back year after year to re-register their companies, rather than dying out after a couple of years.

Those companies that are ensuring their web presence is built on solid foundations are basically ensuring that their companies will actually still be around in 2-3 years time. Here in the Middle East especially, there are so many startups and entrepreneurial ventures, that could and should rely on the online business model. But there are many hurdles to be overcome as well as deciding upon the most effective channels for your business, product or service. For many companies, you don’t have to be on every social media channel out there for the sake of it!

We hope that the Undroppable project continues to go from strength to strength, garnering support and momentum so that it has no choice but to become a global, not just US focused, initiative. One that we can welcome to the UAE and the GCC countries to help educate and produce the digital resources of the future, today.

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