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September 2, 2012

Barry Lee Cummings talks online monetisation with Siobhan Live on Dubai Eye 103.8FM

A couple of Wednesdays ago I was asked to go on Siobhan Live at Dubai Eye 103.8FM for the technology hour – #unwiredfm – the subject matter was monetising your online presence, whether that is a blog, a corporate website (which can actually be a blog). I was joined in the studio by Bébhinn Kelly who is a Director at D.A Media and also set up one of the first fashion blogs in the region – – it’s a great success story for the online, especially blogging and is testament to Bébhinn starting out with a plan in mind that this blog would be a business, fuelled by passion for sure, but it was to be a business.

I actually posted about blogging for business not too long ago, so it was apt for Dubai Eye to call up and ask me to be on the show. One of the misconceptions about blogs is that people separate them, by name, from websites. The truth of the matter is that there are many super successful businesses out there whose main website is a blog. It’s the perfect platform to produce regular, relevant, interesting content – which we should all know by now is really the secret to online success and will be even more important moving forwards – You can now customise your website so that you would never know that it was actually based on a blogging platform like WordPress. I am not sure why there is a negative connotation within big businesses to have a site built on something like WordPress. It’s search engine friendly, easy to use and allows you to take back control from a web master when it comes to changing your content. There is still some snobbery in the market place though, which is actually great news for the SME – the internet has levelled the playing field and with a well structured online campaign, from setup and configuration through to execution, the SME can outrank the big boys and eat into their market share – As always, it’s about understanding what you are trying to achieve online and then engaging the appropriate tools to get you there.

You can have  listen to the chat here – it’s broken into 4 pieces to account for the advert breaks, so you can either head over to Dubai Eye Unwired and listen to the whole 2 hours, or my bits are marked 1230, 12.45, 1300 an 13.15 Or check them out as individual podcasts on Audio Boo below –

Part 1 –

Part 2 

Part 3 

Part 4

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