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April 27, 2012

With over 11 million page results, the search term Internet Marketing Abu Dhabi has some traction and will continue to get more. The Middle East is an emerging market especially when you look at Internet Marketing. Abu Dhabi as the capital of the UAE has to date kept a close eye on what it’s neighbouring Emirate, Dubai, has been up to. This refers to all things business really. They watched as Dubai rode a very steep upward trend (one we knew was unsustainable and yet it was still allowed to run), they watched as numerous property projects were kicked off all at once and watched as the money ran out and the projects, one by one, ground to a halt. At this point, they stepped in. Abu Dhabi is like the older, wiser brother to some extent, allowing the younger to make the mistakes and hopefully learn from them, but there to pick up the pieces afterwards. As with most sibling relationships though, there is a price to pay!

Internet Marketing as a niche is becoming more and more the topic of discussion. When we started on this path three+ years ago, no one in the region really understood what we were talking about and no-one understood what it was we were doing for ourselves. Building businesses online and generating revenue. The main thing to note here though is that the markets we were targeting deliberately omitted the Middle East as a whole. Back then, through testing we got the feedback that showed we were wasting our time. The market has since moved on. Is it ready for 100% online, not yet no. There are obstacles to overcome, not least of which, the subject of payment gateways – although a solution could well be here in the form of Innovate Payments

One of the important factors with the growth of online/internet marketing is the difference between this ‘new media’ marketing and traditional offline marketing. Below is a great post that highlights one of those major areas we focus on as part of the online marketing strategy – SEO


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