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May 20, 2012

Maximum Net Gain hits the Business Breakfast on Dubai Eye to talk Facebook IPO and Online Marketing Strategy

This morning I (Barry Lee Cummings) was asked to be on the Business Breakfast with Brandy Scott and Malcolm Taylor to discuss the Facebook IPO, the associated value of the Social Media platform and how companies here in the UAE and the GCC region can actually use the platform to get the biggest ROI in their marketing spend. Is it the best place to advertise? What is my guarantee ROI? How can I use Facebook to sell?

It was the first time on live radio and a great experience – have a listen and see what you think. In fact, TELL me what you think, drop me a line at strategy@maximumnetgain.com An over arching Marketing strategy that encompasses both the online and the offline is the key to safeguarding your business for the future.

Here’s a link to the Podcast on the Dubai Eye website.

Maximum Net Gain on Dubai Eye 103.8FM

We didn’t have long and only managed to cover a couple of points very quickly – if this has piqued your interest a little bit, then I highly recommend you head to our home page – Online Marketing Strategy Dubai – download the white paper and then either give me a call or drop me a line to get your online marketing strategy in order.

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