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March 2, 2014

Well it’s been a while since we posted on this blog, but that is not to say we have been neglecting this part of my digital marketing strategy, we  have been blogging. We truly understand the need for a business blog and fundamentally believe that every business should have one. It’s one of the best ways to contribute regular content to your online presence and it also forces the search engines to come back to your site and index your new great content.

Well the past 6 months have been full of guest blogging on different sites out there, so figured it was about time to do a round up of all the useful posts we’ve put out there regarding digital marketing strategy. We have a number of posts scheduled as well with the likes of SME info so will do another round up again in a few, or maybe will just link to them from here and get some link juice from the content I’m producing for others.

Since the end of last year when many companies suffered a drop in ranking after the official Hummingbird release, it’s been even more important to think about the quality and the regularity at which you put your content out there. Long gone are the days of keyword stuffing, link farms and multiple identical anchor texts. Google itself is trying to make its search engine more ‘human’ and yet so many of us still try and write our content for the machines. Never forget that you are trying to get human beings to read or watch your stuff and ultimately engage with you, so create your content for THEM, not the machines.

Here in Dubai we have seen some steps forwards being taken by a number of company’s on the ground here. We have also had the announcement from His Highness about the future of Dubai as a Smart city, integrating technology to make the day to day lives of residents easier. If the government is looking to systemise and provide comprehensive services to customers in an easy and efficient manner, then shouldn’t the private sector follow suit? A resounding yes I hear. Well let’s hope so.

So to bring you up to date with what I have been doing blog wise, I’ve collated the various pieces that have come out, so you have them in one convenient place .

One of the big things that has taken up a lot of the last 6 months has been the preparation and recent launch of the Beat The Cyberbully initiative we have brought to the UAE – it’s something we are proud to be a part of and look forward to bringing the level of education and awareness up, across children, parents and teachers, on the safe use and pit falls of the various communications channels we now have at our disposal. 7Days did a great piece on us and the beat the cyber bully campaign, and we are looking to build on this further and further.

In January of this year (2014) we wrote a piece called The Cost of Digital Procrastination which highlighted the phenomenon of companies saying ‘we’ll get round to it’ – the longer it takes to get round to it, the more it’s going to cost and the further behind your competition you are going to be.

The follow up to the procrastination post, was The bigger picture of Digital Marketing which highlighted the some times short sighted view companies take when it comes to digital marketing. This is sometimes due to a lack of understanding of the whole environment and sometimes just laziness in following the crowd.

Towards the end of October last year when Hummingbird was officially released a post about Being relevant after Google’s Hummingbird was written to help people at least get the basics of their on page SEO in order and identify their avatar (or ideal customer).

For those venturing into the world of entrepreneurship – this post was about protecting yourself and your reputation by Dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s – make sure everything is in order, written down and signed before moving forwards with any venture.

In September as part of the Entrepreneur diaries we wrote a piece called Accountability for Productivity which really focused on the value we found in having a mentor through my networking group – Leading Links Club.

November saw a piece come out about The difference between a web designer and an SEO professional in which I try to emphasise the difference and why knowing what the difference is might be important to you and your business.

And in January was asked to pop onto the Radio at Dubai Eye for the Business breakfast to give an overview of one of our offerings which is Virtual PR – you can listen here

So that’s what we’ve been up to over the last few months, we will be back to regular blogging for the rest of this year, so do have a read, share what you think is important and come back soon.


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