Social Media

Don’t worry if you are, it seems a lot of people still are.  People are still asking the wrong questions when it comes to social media. What’s the ROI? being the ultimate incorrect question to start with. Rather than think about what your return is. I look at it the other way round. What’s the more »


When I talk about digital marketing strategy I often get that far away look to begin with. They understand the words, but aren’t sure how they go together. As soon as I break it down into it’s component parts and mention those two words – social media – suddenly they are very informed, opinionated and more »


Here at MNG we focus on a number of things. One of those being Social Media. Social Media Marketing has fast become one of the most effective forms of marketing. It is effectively the online equivalent of word of mouth offline. Except, it isn’t word of mouth, it is World of mouth. People by nature more »