Blogging Dubai – it’s not for B2B companies right?


August 5, 2012

Why you are missing a trick if you are not blogging – even if you are a B2B company

Blogging! You are joking right, we’re a multi million dollar multi national organisation. We don’t do blogging!

Before we address the above sentence we want to make a point. Regardless of effective SEO strategy and PPC tricks – the plethora of animals that Google releases into the online space – the one thing that remains constant is; if you provide fresh, relevant content, on a regular basis you are likely to start ranking for the keywords you want to. This is especially true in the GCC region where the market is realistically 5 years behind the trends of the developed on line markets. This market is prime opportunity for those forward thinking companies to actually engage an online marketing strategy and dominate their market place before their competition. So where does blogging fit into this?

Well, if you are reading this, you’re on a blog. It’s built into my site. It’s a way for me to continually update my site as well as get topical information ranking in the search engines. That way, when you the consumer are searching for information on why blogging is a great way to create content. You’ll read this. For many people, companies specifically, blogging is really something reserved for individuals that basically want to shout about their opinion, or vent, or talk about food and show how great their meal looks.  That article is particularly amusing, especially if you happen to live in Dubai.

The reality is though, that a well thought out communication strategy delivered via a blog (style website) is the perfect way to disseminate your message to your market by having not just specific pages in your site ranking in the SERP’s, but having your individual keyword loaded blog posts, ranking for those keywords that will have floods of traffic finding your website, engaging with your opt in and building your database that you can then market to until they tell you they are no longer interested. This is how online marketing works. It’s about the long term relationship you build with your target market that will enable transactions in the future. If more companies looked at building and engaging their communities, using things like blogs to deliver valuable content. They would start to see their bottom lines increase organically, much like their rankings in the search engines.

The added bonus is that setting up a blog is really easy. Our whole site is WordPress based – a great FREE platform that will have you up and running in minutes. You can always take it a step further and host your own blog site, but that’s for a different post. If you have the time to set up your blog site, that could effectively turn into the ‘human’ element of your corporate presence online, (After all, people still buy from people, they don’t buy from the actual company behind the product or service) here’s a list of 22 blogging tools you might want to build into your blog – Top 22 Blogging tools

Ultimately, blogging is a very useful part of the ‘Content Creation’ piece of the online marketing jigsaw. It lends itself to content creation on a user friendly platform, which means once the strategy is decided upon, even the most technophobic marketing assistant can take control of publishing the consistent message to the market place. If you need help setting all this up, or are looking at how to build blogging or a blog style website into your business, drop us a line 


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