60 Seconds in Social Media


August 21, 2012

A lot happens in 60 seconds on the Social Media landscape

This is a great infographic (from the guys at www.Hasai.com) and just the latest iteration of it as it required updating almost as soon as it’s released, such is the impact of Social Media on our world right now. Here at Maximum Net Gain, we understand how important Social Media is for your company but want you to think about it in a bit more detail. Social Media is small part of 1 piece of a 12 piece jigsaw – don’t get caught up in the day to day action of Social Media without understanding the overall goal of engagement in the first place. With so much happening within such a short period of time in the social media world, you really need to execute a well thought out strategy in order to stand out from the crowd. After all, having 10,000 followers on Twitter is nothing if none of them actually get to see your message due to the wall moving too quickly. Too much ‘noise’ will dilute how effective your message can be. So perhaps Twitter isn’t the best platform for you? Ever think about that? Why are you undertaking half of the activity you are doing – with 700,000 Facebook messages being sent every 60 seconds, why are you sending yours? What outcome do you expect? How are you engaging? How often are you engaging? What’s the back end? Where’s your funnel (sales and communication)? Are you ready to manage a community? What’s the best platform?
60 Seconds in Social Media

Via: Hasai Social Media

All the above questions need answering, perhaps even more so when you think about how many times your target market is going to be exposed to a marketing message in their daily routine. We, as consumers have become experts at filtering out the information/messages that are not relevant to us, at that particular moment in time. As a marketer you want to get your message in front of them, just as they are asking the question you can answer.

Am I saying that being psychic is the answer to becoming an effective marketer? No. Although it would be helpful.

As we know, our markets are moving online. They are asking questions of the search engines, when they need a solution. This is where you want to be visible. Not just your website, but all your virtual real estate (social media channels, blogs, landing pages, videos, audio clips, articles, forum posts, online PR pieces) should be ranking for your chosen keywords.

Keyword Research or Market Justification

What are keywords? Keywords are one of the corner stones of a strong foundation online. Keywords tell you who and how your market is looking for you. And yet, it’s the step in most companies online approach that they leave out. Keyword research will tell you exactly what question is being answered by your market. From there you can answer it, using the same language as them. As a professional in your arena, you know far more than the average customer and it’s important to remember that. In many cases, YOU are not your customer, so stop marketing to YOURSELF.

The simplest most effective form of marketing is to ask the market what it wants and then give it what it asks for.

Why so many companies fail to do this initial step is beyond me – but it’s never too late. Undertake your keyword research now – even as an established company – and rejuvenate your marketing campaigns. You’ll find that when you target your perfect customer, business improves!!

If you would like to discuss further Social Media or Keyword Research – drop us a line at strategy@maximumnetgain.com 

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